Harry Gregson


Today I passed my test with three minors and I would thoroughly recommend Paul as an instructor and as a person. 
He gave me so much more confidence and massively improved my driving in very few lessons. He always remained calm giving you the confidence to succeed. 
Thanks Paul! Harry Gregson




Paul is an amazing instructor! I would highly recommend him to anyone of any skill or confidence level of driving! I used to be lacking confidence with my driving before I started my lessons with Paul. He got my confidence back up so high and now I've passed and am driving by myself! A great personality and am amazing person to be in the car with and he will always smiled have a joke with you. Great person! Thank you so much Paul.  Jonathan Price

Josehine English


'Absolutely brilliant teacher. Helped completely improve my confidence with driving. Thanks to all his help, I managed to pass first time! Would definitely recommend!'


Josie English


Tom MillsPaul Bromley is a great instructor I enjoyed the lessons and I passed both my theory and practical driving test first time.

       Kind regards Tom Mills



IMG 0528Thank you very much Paul for helping me to pass my driving test. Driving does not come naturally to me, but with Paul's variety of techniques for manoeuvres that I found difficult, I was able to pass. Paul is friendly, supportive and explains instructions clearly. If you don't know your right from your left (like me), he is also patient and has a stash of labelled post-it notes. For visual learners, Paul provides extra materials in addition to lessons - various documents on safety questions and road use. Paul adapts lessons to areas that you feel you would like to work on, which I found particularly motivational. Thanks again for all your help Paul!

Charlotte McCormac

Eleanor Bedford


Passed my test today first time with no minors! Couldn't have done it without Paul. An excellent instructor that put me at ease right from the start! Filled me with self confidence and a positive attitude! Highly recommend!  Eleanor Bedford

IMG 0655''Paul is not only a great instructor he is also a great guy who always puts you first and tries his best for you. Whilst beginning to drive and before my test I was very anxious however Paul always reassured me and I felt comfortable in asking any questions I had. The revision material and diagrams he provides really help you to remember all you need to know and strengthen your knowledge on Driving, I enjoyed learning to drive with Paul and would definitely recommend learning with him.'' Many Thanks, Patrick Bridger

Victoria Paul is a very patient instructor, always reliable with a great feedback process after every lesson. I was a nervous driver to start with but Paul successfully helped me pass my test first time!

Victoria Jefferies

Tom SykesPaul is a brilliant driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. His teaching built up my confidence driving quickly, and he always remained calm and focused when I struggled. He structured lessons at a pace I could keep up with, whilst feeling that I was making good progress each week. He is incredibly friendly and I always felt comfortable asking for help or to go over a topic again. He not only helped me pass my theory and practical driving tests, but I can happily say that I am a confident and safe driver on the roads thanks to Paul's teaching. Tom Sykes

IMG 0509Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Paul is a great teacher. He made me feel comfortable, even in challenging situations he was extremely patient and calm. Paul taught me to drive (from beginner level) in just under 6 months! I cannot thank Paul enough and would definitely recommend for any keen learner drivers!

Chloe Bourne